Benefits & Advantages

Helps Weight Management

Weight Management

Make Coco Soul your everyday weight management partner. The MCTs in virgin coconut oil get swiftly metabolised for energy instead of getting deposited as fat in the adipose tissue. No wonder it’s suggested as a part of the Keto diet. So if you’ve got weight management on your mind, this superfood can be a smart choice.

Helps Support Cognition

Brain Development

Coco Soul virgin coconut oil contains 60% MCTs. These MCTs metabolise faster and get oxidised to ketones. These ketones activate key molecules in the brain to support cognitive functioning. This has been found beneficial especially in Alzheimer’s patients.

Helps Ease Digestion


MCTs in virgin coconut oil are unique as they have a shorter chain length and unlike long chain triglycerides (LCTs) they are digested quickly in the body. This may help people with certain gastrointestinal problems.

Boosts Energy

Boost Energy

MCTs being smaller molecules get absorbed faster and oxidised quicker, making them an extremely efficient source of energy. If you are into sports or any physical activity this could be your go-to-fuel.


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