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Coconuts – Our Legacy

Coco Soul comes from the house of Marico, maker of the iconic brands Parachute and Saffola that have served the needs of innumerable consumers both in India and abroad. Coco Soul is our small contribution to the future. Our endeavour is to create a suite of solutions that will nourish the needs of our consumers by providing them with the natural goodness that nature intended. We believe in the power of the coconut since it offers a gamut of benefits that range from brain development to improving digestive health to regulating metabolism.

Why is Coco Soul so remarkable?

At the break of dawn, sunlight trickles through the palm leaves soaking our farms in its warm glow. A crisp breeze blows past as you see the leaves move in unison. It is amidst this idyllic setting, in the heart of Tamil Nadu and Kerala where our coconuts are individually graded, meticulously picked and tastefully packaged to create products that imbue you with benefits like no other.

Tender Coconuts

Pure and Raw coconuts, blissfully swaying on our farms.

Cold Pressed to Perfection

Heat treating coconuts destroys their inherent nutrient profile ensuring that you get diminished benefits if at all. Our patented No Heat Process locks in the nutrient goodness, taste and aroma of a coconut and delivers it to you unblemished in any way.

Raw & Pure

We don’t believe in spoiling the goodness of a coconut through artificial means. That is why our products are devoid of any preservatives, artificial colour or flavour that can harm you in any way. When you buy Coco Soul what you get is a pristine product that will add a bit of soul to your life.

Coconut Oil

Reaped from nature’s bounty and cold pressed to give you pure virgin coconut oil.

Fresh Coconut

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